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"My main mentor said, “The truth will set you free.” My concepts set people free from false beliefs that have kept them from achieving at the level they want. With the truths I teach, everyone can achieve their Core Desires."
Jack Zufelt

Special Breakthrough Report...

If Goal Setting, Positive Thinking, Daily Affirmations, Self Talk, Dream Building, Visualization, Chanting, Fire Walking and Every Other "Technique" That Self Help Guru's Preach Actually Worked....

Then why are they failing you miserably?


WARNING! — These next few pages in this special report will shatter conventional self-help theories and techniques that well-meaning Self-Help Guru's, MLM Trainers and your Upline Leaders have been telling you for the past 75 years.

What is the GOOD news? When we are finished you will have a simple, never before revealed, step-by-step blueprint of how to achieve exactly what you want in life and the true cause for success in life - including making more money, complete time freedom, unshakeable confidence, success in MLM, whatever you desire - and it's easier then you think.


Dear Friend,

Did that headline make you think? I mean REALLY think? I hope so. That's why I put it at the top of this page for you.

The Self Help industry, MLM Gurus and even your Upline Leaders — even though they mean well (God bless them) and genuinely want you to be successful — they are stunting, maybe even permanently destroying your chance to be successful and they don't even know it.

Now before I get into the meat of this special report, I think it's only fair to briefly tell you a little about who I am and why I wrote this report for you.

So who am I to make these claims...

offers: goal setting, personal growth, positive thinking, fear, self help, self esteem, success, affirmations, visualization, and motivationMy name is Jack Zufelt and just like you I practiced all of the conventional techniques. I wrote goals and read them daily. I created and recited affirmations every day and visualized what I wanted... and you know what — I bet you can guess what I'm going to say — none of that worked... unless the reason for doing all of those so called "success techniques" was to make you and me extremely frustrated and feel bad about ourselves.

I wrote goals that I never achieved. Read affirmations that never came true. Visualized results that never happened. And then when I didn't achieve any of the desired results I became depressed. It made me feel and think I was a failure because I never achieved my goals! I don't know about you, but I know how to fail on my own, what I wanted was success. And I sure as heck didn't want to feel worse.

And many of my friends and business associates felt the same way as I did. We — you, me, and hundreds of thousands of people, many of them Network Marketers — spend $1000's on self-help books, tapes and seminars and NEVER see the results we expect and desperately want.

There had to be a better solution, 
one that actually worked....

When I looked at the successes I had over the years, which included investing over $20 million in many businesses, becoming a highly paid international speaker and trainer, not to mention having had over 50,000 in a downline earning a high 6-figure income in Network Marketing, I realized there was one common factor in each one of those successes. In fact it was present in everything that significantly happened in my life. And none of those successes started with a written list of goals, doing some silly affirmations, or any of the other much touted success techniques.

That one common factor in each of those successes was something so simple, yet nobody had ever bothered to share it with me.  (I found out later none of the Self-Help gurus shared it with anybody because they didn't know about it!)

Then the light bulb came on!

So I started to share my discovery with others, and it was like the cartoons we watched as kids... you know where they get the big idea and the "light bulb" comes on in their head. I saw it happen with 100's and 1000's of people around the world. It was amazing and most likely an experience you would like too have as well. No, I mean, it's an experience you want to have happen to you, today. You know, the one you have spent everyday of your life dreaming about. I get goose bumps just thinking about what this could mean to you.

Pretty soon I was speaking in front of dozens, then 100's then 1000's of people across North America and 7 other countries around the world sharing what I have since named, "The DNA of MLM Success — How to Unleash the Conquering Force Within You".

And I started to receive testimonials from some amazing people in all walks of life about my revolutionary concept...

offers: goal setting, personal growth, positive thinking, fear, self help, self esteem, success, affirmations, visualization, and motivation"Jack Zufelt has developed and refined one of the most powerful ideas in human success and achievement. Anyone who taps into their Conquering Force will unleash a torrent of power and the ability that will enable them to accomplish goals that the average person only dreams about."  Brian Tracy, Speaker and Trainer.

"I have proven that Jack's concepts work.  I enjoy a lifestyle  that most would  envy because of the concepts taught on Jack's tape program. Hundreds of people in my large network marketing organization have purchased his program and have benefited greatly from them.  Jack truly teaches the real key to success." Dr. Robert Purdy, NIKKEN Diamond and a top income earner

"At our institute we maintain a world class library of motivational tapes. We've experienced greater results with Zufelt's tapes than any other. He has gone beyond the typical "positive thought" advice and has gotten right to the heart of successful living.Dr. Marc Sorenson, National Institute of Health

offers: goal setting, personal growth, positive thinking, fear, self help, self esteem, success, affirmations, visualization, and motivation"I believe that when each of us is created the conquering force is made inherent within us. It must be stretched forth if we are to succeed to the extent we have within us. It is very astute thinking that Jack Zufelt puts forth. It is a power inherent in every one of us, he says, and I enthusiastically agree."  Rev. Norman Vincent Peale

"I used Zufelt's concept to achieve over $87 million in sales. I truly credit Zufelt's teachings as the reason for this accomplishment.Wyn J. Harter, General Electric Computers

offers: goal setting, personal growth, positive thinking, fear, self help, self esteem, success, affirmations, visualization, and motivation"There's no better formula for success than that offered by Jack Zufelt. He has defined and simplified that which is in each of us, but often overlooked. He proves there is no such word as impossible." Lou Holtz, Former Head Football Coach, University of Notre Dame

"With the help of Jack Zufelt's Conquering Force program, I learned to move like a smart fish and achieved one of the most successful sales records in IBM's history. I identified core desires then created a marketing plan that was used world-wide by IBM. We obtained hundreds of millions in more sales. Actually it was over two billion! With Zufelt's help you too can catch the big fish! He's the only trainer I recommend." Max H. Beardslee, One of the all-time top achieving sales executives at IBM.

"Your message is the best one I have ever heard regarding the true cause of achievement including Network Marketing. It’s the truth!"  Steve Hix, A top income earner with New Image International

"You were fabulous! Our two national leaders conferences were a resounding success because of your message. Everyone was enthralled at the way you describe what it takes to be successful in MLM. It was new and different! I would recommend you to anyone who wants to earn more money in Network Marketing"   Mary Lou Arveseth, Manager Nature’s Sunshine

Before I Share With You The DNA of Success, Let's Scrutinize the Four Biggest Myths That Conventional Self-Help Gurus Teach You To Do.

1) Goal Setting

This is the most used (yet most damaging technique) taught. Ask yourself the following - and be truthful, it's your success we are talking about.

Have you ever set a goal? Yeah, I know, of course you have.  OK, did you write that goal down and read it frequently? Yep on that one too. Now this is the tough one... have you noticed that many, if not most, of those goals you wrote down never happened? Ouch, you probably never thought about that.

You are not alone. Millions have experienced this. 

How about this one...

Goal setting not only does NOT work 
but it's negative and self-destructive 
for you.

Wow, that is definitely a radical viewpoint. Here’s what I mean. 

When you look at your list of goals you wrote down on a piece of paper and 8 out of 10 of them did NOT happen, how do you feel about you? 

Thousands of people in my audiences describe how they feel with statements like "I feel like a failure", "I feel bad." "I must not have what it takes." "What’s wrong with me?" I never hear any positive comments. 

I bet you are thinking... "yeah, but what about those 2 goals that DID come true?"  Well, first it is only a 20% success rate - definitely nothing you will want to brag about.  Second, a little further down in this report I will share the secret to those 2 out of 10 goals and why you are able to achieve them and not the others.

Have you ever succeeded at something
that you did NOT write down on your 
goal list? 

Of course you have. Everyone has and does daily. Most of the things you accomplish, probably the most important "successes" in your life, were NEVER written down on a "goal list".

The goal setting gurus admit that only two or three out of ten of the things you write down and call goals will happen and they feel okay about that. Nowhere else in the world is a seventy or eighty percent failure rate acceptable (it would get you fired at almost any job) but it sure is acceptable in goal setting.

Of course there was something there to make the other 2 or 3 happen that was missing for the other 7 or 8. Do you know what that missing ingredient is? 

I call it the Conquering Force and I want to share it with you in a few minutes. It is that missing ingredient and once you know what it is and how to get it — it will set you on the path, at last, to start achieving whatever you truly desire in life.


2)  Daily Affirmations

Have you ever recited daily affirmations like "I earn $120,000 a year " or "I am happily married" or "I am debt free" and put them in places (your bathroom mirror, refrigerator, the steering wheel of your car) where you can see and read them all the time? How many of them became a reality? "None" most people say in my seminars.

You feel good about yourself for doing something but the end result, unfortunately, is still nothing or maybe even worse... you feel bad about yourself on top of the failure.

Do you like people to lie to you? 

Of course not. No one does.

Then why is it acceptable to lie to yourself?

That is exactly what affirmations are all about. Saying things that simply are not true in an attempt to convince your brain to accept them so you will do the things it takes to get what you are affirming. 

For example, saying, "I weigh 125 pounds" when you weigh 190 is a lie. Saying I earn $120,000 a year or I own a Mercedes are all lies when you make $30,000 and drive a beat up 86 Buick Century.

By not dealing with the truth you will instantly be on the wrong path and failure is a foregone conclusion. 2 + 2 is never 5, no matter how many times you say it. The truth will, indeed, make you free. But you have to know it first. Affirmations can not and do not make you successful.

3) Self-Help Books

In my seminars I ask the audience how many self-help books they own own, 1? 10? 50?  One lady in Australia had over 1500 self-help books! And when I asked her if they worked, she said, "No" AND she was STILL looking for the "secret to success".

Self-help books are full of techniques that promise you the world... yet 95% or more of the people who read them never experience the results they are promised and expect.

It's great if you "magically" fall into that 5% crowd. But what makes the 5% successful and not you? Ahhh... they were able to naturally (and unknown to them) tap into and unleash their Conquering Force.

4) Visualizations

Just like affirmations, visualizing the end result you desire makes you feel good because you have been told this is a critical key to success so you do it faithfully. 

Ask yourself this question, "Did it work?" 

Did your income increase by $1,000 a month? Did you lose the weight? Do you have that new boat, new car or mountain cabin you visualized? Again, the answer is almost always, "No".

But, have you ever gotten something without doing daily affirmations and visualization? Of course you have. Me too. It’s not exercises like these that cause success! It is something much simpler, once you know what it is and how to unleash it you can be unstoppable.

And another thing...
What about those Motivational Speakers?

It just blows my mind, I ask my audiences how long they stay motivated after listening to a motivational speaker. And they have listened to some of the best out there. And the response is always unanimous... "2 days", "2 weeks", "til I got out of the parking lot!" and so I concluded, and you will probably agree, that motivational speakers have no lasting affect.


OK Jack, I see your point, but if none of these techniques work, then why do people teach them? And why do they seem to work for some people and not others?

That is an excellent question! Over the years I have been challenged by some successful people who say that their success is because of goal setting or any of the other much hyped self-help techniques. 

Some have even accused me of, "going against the wisdom of the ages".

Even the editor of SUCCESS Magazine started his rave review of my tape program with this exclamation, "How dare he! Zufelt proclaims on his mind changing audio tape program that goal setting, motivational speakers, etc don't work?" (He then went on to write in that review exactly what I am sharing with you today.)

My response has always come from my heart and is based on thousands of case histories. 

I say that the so-called "wisdom of the ages" is only about 100 years old. What did people do to accomplish great things and achieve the results they wanted before the success and personal development movement started in the 1900s?  

They scratch their heads and with a funny look on their face they agree there must have been something there. Of course there was, and it's still there — in all of us — you, me, your upline, your downline, your family, everybody.  The truth is... I am teaching the wisdom of the ages.

Now, this is important, once they understood my concept they realized and freely admitted that they have been putting the responsibility for their success on the techniques they had applied when in truth it was NOT the technique but their drive from within that drove them to do, and become, what was needed to get the desired result.

Did you get that...?
If not then reread that last paragraph.

It was this revelation that caused SUCCESS magazine to feature my tape album a second time because of the extreme success and positive response they had from their readers to their first rave review of the tape program.

In fact, it was that same revelation that was the cause of ALL of my successes in life and business — and I am willing to bet (I have yet to be proven wrong after interviewing 1000's of people) it is the same with you. None of my successes started with a written goal, a silly affirmation or visualizing it for months and years. They did, however, have everything to do with with my Conquering Force.

Just think about this for a minute.

If all these techniques worked like the success gurus claim, everyone would have what they want... but they don’t. They promise you their techniques will lead you out of the desert of mediocrity or failure to the promised oasis of success. But like I started this letter out with... "Then why are these techniques failing miserably for 95 to 98% of the people in the world?

And this concept made my tape set the hottest new introduction in the history of Nightingale-Conant, the same company who sells tapes from Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins and many other world famous speakers and trainers. They also listed me on their celebrity roster of authors and speakers and called me the "Best of the Best" and a "Who's-Who" of human potential superstars.

And earned me numerous other distinctions including:

  • Being awarded the Presidential Medal of Merit by President George Bush
  • Being honored by the United States Senate for teaching Americans how to achieve better results in their life or their career.
  • Selected by Winners Digest, a publication for Fortune 500 executives, as one of the two most effective speakers in the U.S.
  • Voted one of the top two speakers of the decade by the international publication, Motivational International, which focuses on self-help and motivational concepts.
  • Personally endorsed by many of the top leaders in numerous Network Marketing companies.
  • Given the status of Honorary Citizen by the Mayors of 15 major cities in the U.S.

So, what does work? 
What is the missing ingredient you 
are searching for? 

I have come to realize, and it's backed up with the successes people experience after attending my seminars and listening to my tape album, there is only one path to success — only one key that unlocks the door to your success. That path, that key, lies in you being able to unleash the unstoppable, God given power within you, which I call the Conquering Force.

You have heard all your life that you have the power within to do, have or become whatever you want. It’s true — I even showed a crippled ex-football player whose sole dream was to play professional football how to receive what he truly wanted to have at one of my seminars. I turned him from a die hard skeptic into a living example of the power of the Conquering Force. It was an awesome experience.

The only problem is that most people never learn where the switch to their awesome Conquering Force is! You see others using their Conquering Force — climbing to the top of their company and achieving the financial and time freedom offered in Network Marketing — but you never seem to be able to plug into your Conquering Force at full power like they do. 


Do you want to discover the secret 
to Unleashing the Power of YOUR
Conquering Force?

I hope so. The good news is that you have already used it many, many times before so you are actually already familiar with it. It's an integral part of you. You were born with it! 

That’s why I call it The DNA of Success. It's the foundation for all achievement — the building blocks for your success. 

I want to take you by the hand and not only show you, step-by-step, how to unleash your Conquering Force so you can achieve exactly what you want in life.

Would you like to tap into my mind, like a Vulcan mind-meld Spock would do on the the old Star Trek shows, and transfer to you the power to unleash your Conquering Force today? The ability to unlock your potential to achieve in life what you are destined for? And completely reveal to you the missing ingredient that causes traditional self-help techniques to fall short?

That is why I went into the recording studio and produced, "How to Use the Conquering Force Within You". It is a total of 8 CDs (more than 6 1/2 hours of breakthrough training) where I pour my heart out to you on how to discover your Conquering Force and, more importantly, how to use it to achieve success in your life and use your Conquering Force to its fullest potential.

Here are just a few of the exciting points I will walk you through in these 8 CD's...

  • How to zero in on the automatic mechanism that will propel you into sustained, perpetual, proper action focus and excitement resulting in unqualified success in your MLM business and all other areas of your life.
  • How to tap into your own limitless source of true inspiration and self-motivation…to turn on the juice so you can succeed at any level you honestly want.
  • How to isolate the single, root cause of all success in all 6 areas of life. This is the catalyst that causes all achievement to happen.
  • How to finally stop wasting your time and money on concepts that just don’t work by discovering why goal setting, affirmations, motivational speakers, etc are myths when it comes to creating true success in life.
  • Empower you with the knowledge and ability to overcome stubborn obstacles like fear, stress, lack of money and procrastination once and for all. What would your life be like if you could overcome those obstacles?
  • Finding your personal switch to the Conquering Force within you and how to become an unstoppable force within your life. And how to use this to finally eliminate your time chocking habits of procrastination.
  • Walk you through a super simple, automatic way to get the discipline and enthusiasm you need to make things happen in your life and your MLM business.
  • Becoming a skilled master at not just how to “do it” but more importantly how to “get yourself to do it" - whatever you want "it" to be.
  • How to make all work fun. Is that possible? Absolutely!
  • Creating clear, concise and doubt free direction in your life.
  • Put your finger on the power switch within you that has been there all along. 
  • Tap into your limitless source of true inspiration and determination to achieve whatever you truly desire in life.
  • Learn how to identify and achieve your heart’s desires in the easiest way possible. Finally you will know the shortest route to achieve what you truly desire in life.

I know the ups and downs you go through on a daily basis with your Network Marketing business. I have not only experienced them myself, I've talked with and presented my seminars to tens of thousands of networkers across the world who were in your shoes.

I am very proud to say that the Conquering Force produces results. Not only do the top income earners follow my advice - they empower their downline by paying me a large sum of money to speak to their downline. That is an awesome responsibility they give me and I am very proud to say it produces incredible results.

"Jack's message is fabulous. Everyone who wants to know how to become successful in Network Marketing must know about his concepts. They are truly the answer everyone is looking for regarding how to succeed. Get his tapes today." Kathleen Deoul, Nikken Diamond and Distributor of the Year.

"Jack's message on his tape program was so valuable to me, personally, that I bought 50 sets of Jack Zufelt's tapes for my top management people.   I then had him speak to the Presidents and other key people of the 25 banks that we own. He was one of the best speakers I have ever heard. He truly has a life changing concept and an ability to present that is second to none."   Don Mengadoth, President & CEO Community First Bank (A $1.5 Billion dollar company)
"Thank you, Jack, for your awesome ability to infuse our distributors with believe in themselves, our products and our industry. You were a hit everywhere you spoke and your tapes are have had a major influence on our people."   Ron Frederick, President, New Image International
"I have spent thousands of dollars on motivational materials and seminars. I have tried it all, but still couldn't make things happen the way I wanted to...until I listened to Jack Zufelt's tape program. Jack provided me with the missing ingredient. Thank you Jack!"   Beverly Down, Lake George NY
"In all the years I have been in the MLM industry I have never had as much response about a speaker as I have had about you. Every MLM company and distributor in the world should hear your message. I am glad to award you the distinguished honor of “Trainer of the Year."   Doris Wood, President, MLMIA

For only $129 you too can experience 
what others pay $5000 for.

When I was trying to decide on a fair price for my 8 CD album some of my business associates told me I should charge $197 or even $297 for this series... the information they contain can be worth 10 times, 100 times, even a 1000 times that price when you discover how to unleash your own Conquering Force.

However, I decided to offer them to you for only $129 because I am guessing you have never heard of me before. And I want to change that because I know this information can make a difference for you and I want to share it with you. 

I know when you achieve the kind of success you deserve and want, then you will tell everybody you know — your upline, downline and friends in Network Marketing so they can discover their Conquering Force as well. I have seen it happen 1000's of times before. That means I will be able to reach 10's even hundreds of 1000's of people with my message and help even more people discover and unleash their Conquering Force. Its a win-win situation for you, the people you tell and myself.

In addition to the 8 CD album, you will also receive these 3 FREE Special Bonuses with your order.

You like a really good deal, right? Of course you do and I have made a deal for you that you can't pass up. I decided to not only give you the Conquering Force tape series at such an affordable price. I will also include the following 3 Special Bonuses with your order Free of charge.

FREE Bonus #1 You will receive 2 CD's of a live seminar I did in Austin Texas for $5000. You will experience the live interaction with the audience and hear the story of the crippled ex-football player whose sole dream was to play professional football and how his life was transformed, within minutes, and was able to receive what he truly wanted in life at one of my seminars. It was an awesome experience and you will want to listen to these CD's first Considering my seminar fee is $5000 to $7500, these 2 CD's alone are easily worth more then 100 times the price of the Conquering Force audio program.

FREE Bonus #2 Nine Brand New, In-Depth Special Reports on diverse and extremely important topics. As soon as you order you will be granted instant access to the Member's Only section of this website to download each of these reports. Some of them are, (1)"How to accept yourself in spite of the foolish mistakes you make and the dumb things you do", (2)"How to stop the vicious and tiring cycle of failure", (3)"Business VS busyness. How to stop spinning your wheels and get the results you want or need" and (4)"How to create Self-Esteem in Children", plus 5 more excellent reports. Each report by itself is worth $14.95 - that's $134.55 in FREE value for you instantly. 

FREE Bonus #3 You will want to share this site with your downline and others you know and care about. And I want to reward you for what you do. I created an extremely generous affiliate referral program that pays you a very lucrative 25% of each order you refer to this site. You will receive immediate instructions -  so easy to use your 7 year old daughter can handle it for you - on exactly how to do this as soon as you complete your order. 

Just think, you can refer 4 or 5 people to this website today who also see the value of the Conquering Force and purchase the tape program and you will earn more than your investment in the program. And what if you referred 10, 20 or even a 100 people or more to this website over the next few weeks or months...?

I want to make this a completely No-Risk opportunity for you...

I have made some rather large claims in this report. They are all true and I have been blessed with testimonials, some that I have shared with you in this report, from people in all walks of life whose lives were transformed because of my Conquering Force program and seminars. I know this can be exactly what you want to finally conquer the barriers in your life - allowing you to achieve everything you want to achieve. But I don't want doubt to hold you back. That is why I insist in offering the Conquering Force tape album to you with my 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Listen to the CD's, apply what I share with you and if they do not live up to your high standards then return the tape album and I will give you a full $129 refund. Plus, you can keep the bonus Live Recorded Seminar and all nine Special Reports located in the Member's Only Website. 

I know the Conquering Force is radically different then anything you have tried before. And at the extremely low price of only $129 you can discover the secret of your own Conquering Force and how to unleash it to achieve what you truly desire in your MLM business, relationships, your own self image or anything in your life, it truly is that powerful.

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Jack  M  Zufelt

P.S. What do you have to lose... Or more importantly, what do you have to gain?

If you are not 100% satisfied with your current situation then you deserve and need the information in the Conquering Force 8 CD training. And with my 90-Day Money Back Guarantee you have the perfect opportunity to experience and use the information in this program with absolutely no risk.

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